Filing Trademark Registration in Fairfax VA



Filing for a trademark registration protects your business brand, but the process can be involved, intimidating, and overwhelming. A lawyer experienced with trademark applications can help you ensure that your filing is correct and accurate. Here’s what you should know.


Trademark Protection


The purpose of securing a trademarking registration is to establish the source of goods or services – known as branding. Trademarks allow the public to recognize the source of a good or service. Our business attorneys will help you protect your trademark by:


filing trademark registration in fairfax VA

  • Preparing and filing the trademark application with the S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Managing USPTO Trademark Examiner inquiries and objections from third parties.
  • Representing the applicant client before the USPTO and Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.
  • Monitoring extensions, statements of use and required declarations, post-registration.
Defining Distinctive


For the trademark to distinguish a product, it must be unique and “distinctive”. A trademark can include a slogan or words, fonts, logos, or symbols. A trademark cannot be similar to another registered mark, such that it is likely to confuse relevant purchasers or users of the goods and services.


Trademark Registration Steps


First, we assess whether the mark is capable of trademark registration. If your mark meets the basic requirements, we can prepare and file an application. After the application is filed, and usually after several months of review – the Examining Attorney may offer comments or objections in an “Office Action”. We handle such Office Actions by preparing and filing responses or, in some cases working out a solution informally with the Examining Officer.


The next step is registration. If all goes well, the trademark is published for opposition and if that period passes without objection, registered on the USPTO Principal Register.


Trademark Application Attorneys in Fairfax VA


If you are ready to file a trademark registration it is important to have the experience and knowledge of a business lawyer on your side. To learn more, please contact Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko to learn more.

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