Best Civil Attorney Northern Virginia

When it comes to non-criminal cases and legal disputes, you want the best civil attorney in Northern Virginia on your side. Here’s what you need to know about civil attorneys and when you should hire one.


What is a Civil Lawyer?


A Civil Lawyer or civil attorney is a general term for attorneys who practice non-criminal law. Also called civil litigators, these attorneys can practice in several areas. However, most choose to specialize in one field, such as personal injury, torts (wrongs by one person against another), estate planning, or real estate.


Civil vs. Criminal: What’s the Difference?


Criminal attorneys focus on prosecuting or defending individuals who have committed crimes against the state, public, or country. On the other hand, civil attorneys focus on cases in which there is a dispute between people or organizations, but no criminal laws have been broken.


Different Types of Civil Attorneys in Northern Virginia

Best Civil Attorney Northern Virginia

As we mentioned before, there are several types of lawyers that fall into the civil law category. These can include:



What Do Civil Attorneys Do?


Civil attorneys represent clients in civil law cases. They may represent individuals, businesses, corporations or government organizations. Essentially, they help clients through the process of filing a lawsuit, as well as litigation, potential court proceedings, and resolution.


Additionally, a civil attorney can help determine if a case needs to go before a judge or if it can be resolved outside the courtroom. This may take place through mediation, arbitration and/or negotiation. Finally, litigators help clients understand legal jargon and the procedures that come with filing a lawsuit.


Best Civil Attorney Northern Virginia


Need to hire a civil lawyer? If you are considering a civil lawsuit, you need the best civil attorney in Northern Virginia. Contact Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko today to learn more. We are ready and waiting to help you navigate the civil lawsuit process.

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