Can I Use ChatGPT to Draft Employment Contracts?

Have you found yourself wondering “can I use ChatGPT to draft employment contracts”?


If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI. It has gained popularity recently due to its ability to generate content across a variety of channels like emails, blogs, memos, and more.


Technically, the answer is Yes. Technically, you can use ChatGPT to create a contract. However, we don’t recommend you rely solely on an AI language model to draft any type of legal contract. Contract drafting requires a thorough understanding of legal concepts and terminology. Furthermore, it requires careful consideration of the specific circumstances and requirements of the parties involved.


Think of it this way. Having ChatGPT draft your contract is like having a stranger draft it.  Not a stranger in a law firm where you can research their experience (and where they have malpractice insurance) but like a stranger off the street.  Not a great idea.  Maybe an okay starting point, but not an ending point. 



Can I Use ChatGPT to Draft Employment Contracts?


There are several concerns with using ChatGPT to create employment contracts.


  1. Inaccurate information. The ChatGPT website warns that “ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.”
  2. ChatGPT can’t ask any clarifying questions. Meaning it can’t truly understand the kind of output you are looking for. The result is that it may only partially understand your request.
  3. You can’t ask why. We often have clients review a contract and ask, “why did you draft this provision this way?” Since you can’t ask an AI tool any follow up questions, it is highly likely that you won’t understand your own agreement.


Finally, ChatGPT generates simplified text. The contracts and documents that it creates are watered down versions of what a person really needs.


So, Can I Use ChatGPT to Draft Employment Contracts?


While AI language models can be useful in generating certain sections of a contract like the standard terms and conditions, it is essential to have a human lawyer review and edit the document. This ensures accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


So, in short, while ChatGPT can be a useful tool to assist in drafting a contract, it should not be used as a replacement for the expertise and judgement of a qualified lawyer. To speak to an attorney about your employment contract, please contact Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko today.

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