Frequently Asked Questions about Employment Law in Virginia

  • Can I sue my employer?

    Yes, if you are not paid in full and on time, if you are illegally discriminated against, or if you are retaliated against for pointing out violations of the law, you can bring an action against your employer.  There may be other claims as well.

  • What does a class action require?

    A Class Action is when a large number of people (often over 20) bring the same claim against the same business.  For example, a thousand people buy a skin care product that turns out to burn your skin.

  • Can my employers pay me less than minimum wage?

    Generally no, unless you are a youth earning a training wage.  There are special rules for those earning tips.

  • What is an At-Will state?

    That means either the employer or employee can end the relationship at any time, for any reason.  Employers are still prohibited from terminating employment for illegal reasons, such as discrimination.

  • Can I be fired for reporting discrimination?

    Generally no, as long as you report it in good faith.

  • What is a collective action lawsuit?

    That is where a small number of people, who can be readily identified, bring the same case against the same business. Employees who have not been paid overtime as required are an example of a group that can bring a collective action.

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