How Much Can You Get for Unpaid Wages or Bonus?

If you believe you have an unpaid wages claim, you may be wondering how much you can get. Well, we are here to help you understand what you are owed and how to get it. Unpaid wages can come from various factors like unpaid overtime, withheld paychecks, or minimum wage violations. With the help of an experienced unpaid wage lawyer from Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko, you can build your case and recover unpaid wages and penalties.


What is My Claim Worth?


There are three main factors that determine the worth of your unpaid wages claim. First is the amount of unpaid wages. Second, you can usually get your unpaid wages doubled as a penalty. Third, if the company intentionally failed to pay you correctly, you may get treble damages. You can also recover your attorneys’ fees and costs.


How Much Can You Get for Unpaid Wages or Bonus?

Unpaid Wages Attorney in Fairfax Virginia


If you believe that your employer violated wage laws, you need to speak to an experienced unpaid wages lawyer. At Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko our attorneys have over a century of combined experience. We provide invaluable legal guidance and support. Let us help you recover your hard-earned income.

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