Experienced Race Discrimination Lawyer in Fairfax VA

Are you looking for an experienced race discrimination lawyer in Fairfax, VA? Unfortunately, race discrimination still occurs in workplaces all across the country. This may not always be obvious. It could be in the form of subtle discriminatory treatment. If you believe you have been the victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, you need to speak to an experienced attorney about your case.


Protecting Against Race Discrimination


Federal laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act prohibit discrimination on the basis of race. Furthermore, state and local laws may also offer employees protection against discriminatory conduct, such as the Virginia Values Act.  


Under these laws, an employer can be held liable for racial discrimination. These laws also require employers to promptly address race-based harassment that creates a hostile work environment.


Proving Racial Discrimination

Experienced Race Discrimination Lawyer in Fairfax VA


If you have suffered racial discrimination in the workplace, it is crucial that you gather evidence to back up your allegations. Experienced Virginia race discrimination lawyers can help you collect and prepare evidence and build a case to demonstrate that your employer broke the law. Our team is dedicated and ready to work for you.


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One of the most challenging aspects of discrimination is proving the intent behind the action. The action itself could be something obvious like firing or failing to hire an employee based on race. However, illegal discrimination is often much more subtle, such as when an employer offers different opportunities to employees of a certain race or assigns undesirable duties or shifts based on race.


Other Forms of Race Discrimination in the Workplace


In addition to the examples above, allowing harassment in the workplace is also a form of illegal discrimination. This includes:


  • Offensive jokes
  • Ethnic or racial slurs
  • Unwelcome comments
  • Displaying offensive picture, graffiti, or cartoons


Additionally, it is important to note that this harassment could come from anyone. A supervisor, a coworker, or even a third party like a vendor or contractor.


Race Discrimination Lawyer Fairfax VA


If you are the victim of race discrimination, please speak to one of our experienced race discrimination lawyers. Acting fast to file complaints offers you protection against retaliatory acts. Contact Cook, Craig and Francuzenko to learn more.

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