Mediating Verbal Abuse in the Workplace Northern Virginia

Mediating verbal abuse in the workplace can help create a healthy working environment and prevent a hostile work environment. Verbal abuse can be a huge issue for employers and employees alike. Here’s how a mediator in Northern Virginia can help.


What is Verbal Abuse?


Verbal abuse in the workplace is defined as shouting, disparaging remarks, name calling, belittling, and offensive or obscene language, as well as harassing remarks pertaining to race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. The abuse may come from management, staff, customers, consumers, or contractors.


While most people believe they would know if they were verbally abused, some people are subjected to verbal abuse on a regular basis and don’t even realize it. While it can be easy to recognize shouting and name calling, other forms of verbal abuse may be much more subtle and hard to detect.


Types of Verbal Abuse in the Workplace in Northern Virginia


Some perpetrators choose overt methods of verbal abuse. This can include name calling and threats. But other more subtle techniques include things like gaslighting, or repeatedly correcting, interrupting, putting down or humiliating the other person. Even the silent treatment is a form of verbal abuse. By refusing to speak to the other person, the perpetrator is trying to control and punish the victim.

Mediating Verbal Abuse in the Workplace Northern Virginia


Other forms of verbal abuse in the workplace can include:


  • Making the victim believe they are to blame for the abusive behavior or that they brought it on themselves.
  • When criticism is intentional and harmful, as opposed to constructive, it is verbal abuse.
  • This can be a very subtle, yet insidious form of emotional abuse where the abuser causes the victim to doubt their own judgment and reality.
  • Refusing to accept the target for who they are, looking down on them, or holding them to unattainable standards are all examples of judging.
  • Name calling. Abuse, insulting language or insults that erode the victim’s self-esteem, self-concept, and sense of self-worth.
  • Threats are remarks that are meant to control, scare, or manipulate you into complying.


Mediating Verbal Abuse in the Workplace Northern Virginia


Some studies suggest that as many as 30% of employees have been verbally abused and reported the abuse. Surely the number of those who did not report it is much higher. To prevent verbal abuse there are many proactive measures that employers can take. However, if verbal abuse is already happening, it’s imperative that employers have measures in place to protect the victims and prevent further abuse. A mediator in Northern Virginia can help solve these conflicts. Contact Cook, Craig, and Francuzenko today to learn more.

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