Do You Have an Employment Race-Discrimination Claim in Virginia?

There are many forms of employment discrimination and all of them are illegal. Among these is race discrimination. If you have been treated differently due to race, you should seek legal counsel from a race discrimination lawyer.

Discrimination Complaints

First, you must understand that filing a discrimination complaint must be based on solid evidence of discrimination based on age, gender, sex, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. You can’t just say that you have suffered discrimination, you must prove that it occurred. While many unfair, insulting, and frustrating things occur in the workplace, most do not qualify as unlawful work discrimination.

Keep in mind that unfair employment decisions may be based on false assumptions and still be legal. Similarly, wrongful decisions that stems from poor management may be harmful, but not unlawful. Therefore, you need to understand that the information you present as evidence for race discrimination must meet certain standards.

Race Discrimination Claims in Virginia

Race Discrimination Lawyers Near MeThere are three different types of complaints that you can file, depending on the type of discrimination you have suffered. The first is discriminatory treatment. In this case, your supervisor or manager treated you unequally compared to others because of your race.

Another claim is disparate impact. In this situation, it is not the employer’s discriminatory intent that puts you in an adverse situation. It is the company’s policy. Disparate impact occurs when an allegedly neutral working policy has a negative impact on some protected class members.

Finally, we have workplace retaliation. If your manager or supervisor tries to punish you for engaging in legal processes to protect your rights or the company’s interests, you can file a retaliation claim. This behavior might include a demotion, salary reduction, firing or more.

Evidence of Racial Discrimination

To prove you have been the victim of discrimination, there are two types of evidence you can submit. First is direct evidence. This can include a statement or testimony of a person who witnessed that your employer treated you unequally. This is the most reliable form of evidence, but it is difficult to obtain.

The other type is circumstantial evidence. This may come in the form of documents or statistic data that clearly shows your manager has discriminated against you in favor of some other employee. However, you must gather a substantial number of relevant documents such as the company’s policies and procedures, letters, notes, or recordings that can be used to reinforce your case.

Race Discrimination Lawyers Near Me

If you believe you have been the victim of race discrimination, you should consult a race discrimination lawyer ASAP. Legal professionals with experience and knowledge pertaining to the legislative acts that protect workers from discrimination can help you build your case from our office in Fairfax, Northern Virginia. To learn more, contact Cook, Craig & Francuzenko today.

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